Dry! ECMS construction management

2020-05-09 MJK


In the process of construction management, we more or less use some software auxiliary tools, but most of the construction units with the system. As the investor, the construction unit should prefer to have a system tool to help it manage the whole project and the process, documents, construction safety, process, etc. Here "eCMS construction management" is a good choice


ECMS system platform based on independent research and development of dynamic WEB templates and workflow engine, for project construction management one-stop SAAS services of cloud computing platform, product deployment in the cloud server, the user can through WeChat WEB pages, WEB APP or computer terminal access, access free configuration, one thousand thousand, there are 10 modules online, Can be a user multi project management operation. Let's take a look at some of the features ... ...

Today the scene

Users can release information notifications, view the barometer, configure the home interface, you can see the construction site of various types of personnel, the latest weather information, wonderful picture rotation, etc


Training management

All kinds of training organizations or individuals can be initiated at any time and anywhere. Relevant personnel can watch video exams to pass the test after receiving the training push, and set whether to be associated with site access control

The biggest benefit is to effectively let all personnel entering and exiting the construction site deeply understand the importance of safety. In the later period, the function of obtaining points and exchanging points will be opened successively

Admission management

Admission management has red code, green code, similar to health code. When the green code can enter and exit the construction site, when the red code may need training or be disabled by the administrator.


Security management

After obtaining the green code, the user can scan the code to enter and exit through the access control entrance. Under special circumstances, the security guard can scan the code or search the information of the person to register and enter. The manager can disable the designated user authority at any time and anywhere, effectively combining the security access control, training management and admission management.

Task management

The initiator of the task can arrange the task to the organizational unit, and push the task upgrade to the unit leader according to the completion situation. The receiving party can transfer the task to the personnel within the organization unit for execution, and then submit it to the initiator for approval and closure. The benefit is that you can regularly check the completion of tasks so you can track them back. The system automatically pushes the commitment deviation to the superior of the recipient.


Workflow Management

Free configuration of approval flow template, form surface sheet, form logo and workflow type allows users to apply for approval anytime and anywhere on their computers and mobile phones. The benefit is a high degree of self-control, creating workflows that belong to your project.



Meeting management

The product's electronic meeting minutes are automatically typeset in format, type, and content. One-click release notes, search by keyword or content type, and can be interlinked with task management content. Give it a try and the benefits are so great that I don't know how to describe ~


Document management

Manage registration documents, temporary documents, workflow documents, supervision completed documents. Registered document is the folder type, directory tree, upload and release for permission control, other functional modules can reference files; Temporary documents, is a shared area file area, you can create and manage temporary files; The completed document is to import the document directory tree of the completed specification, assign the respective uploading person to upload the corresponding document, and the percentage weight of the document is automatically calculated after the approval of the relevant personnel. To facilitate the owners and relevant personnel to understand the completion of the document.