EFMS Intelligent Facility management system

2022-05-10 MJK


EFMS, a solution to improve efficiency in the administrative/environmental security/facilities sector

Driven by the tide of digitalization, all walks of life are exploring how to standardize, digitize and lean their daily management, improve work efficiency with some software tools, and avoid being left behind in the competitive market stage. In the related fields of the functional departments of the enterprise center, our company has launched a cloud product eFMS4.0 cloud facility management platform. I hope the following introduction can win your favor.

# Industry #

  1. This area is generally not the focus of the enterprise, small money willing to spend, big money is not willing to.
  2. Usually, many functional requirements are for the entire staff of the company, and the display of product effects in the later stage requires very high requirements. Without multiple mature solutions suitable for their own, they are reluctant to try.
  3. There are many products with a single function module in the market, but few of them want to be fully functional and available to multiple departments. As a result, we bought many single products, had multiple platform accounts and needed to maintain multiple suppliers.
  4. Management maturity can vary greatly from enterprise to enterprise, and it is not easy to come up with complete and mature requirements, which leads to constant iteration and obsolescence.

# Product features #

EFMS cloud platform is based on self-developed WEB dynamic template and workflow engine, providing one-stop SaaS service of cloud computing platform for enterprises; The product is deployed on the cloud server, and users can access it through wechat H5 web page, APP or computer web page, with flexible permission configuration, thousands of pages, bilingual in both Chinese and English. The existing 28 modules support multi-site and multi-factory platform, and can also be privatized for local deployment.


Visitor management

①Visitors can make an online appointment through ** wechat public account / mini program **/APP. After approval, visitors can quickly register and visit the reception desk with their certificates

It can be connected with self-service equipment, visual card printing, access gate machine and other intelligent interconnection

③Data report analysis (daily visitors/visitors without leaving the factory/historical visitors)



Construction management

  1. Do you still need to take the construction application form everywhere for approval for the construction permit of your factory?
  2. Will the process inspection still take the printed form to the site inspection?
  3. Do you know how many people are working on the construction site?

Consider using the "** Construction Management **" module, in conjunction with the visitor module, safety training and ticket management, to know the construction situation on site anytime and anywhere. Construction unit is far in his ground, can apply online construction sheet!

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Equipment maintenance

Fire fighting facilities and factory facilities in the factory are scattered, some are maintained by their own company personnel, some are entrusted to outsourcing maintenance and maintenance cycle and content are various. If this section is still implemented on paper Excel forms, workload distribution and analysis are difficult.

Come on, try our maintenance management style!

  1. Set maintenance rules, the system automatically cycle, active remind maintenance
  2. Associated with work order, when the inspection result is abnormal, one-click repair report
  3. Check mode configuration: manual, scan code, NFC
  4. Maintenance workload and duration are used for data analysis

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The energy management

Collect data from equipment, smart meter, building control system or sensor, set alarm upper and lower limits, so as to realize alarm push when the data of system equipment exceeds the standard, and display the real-time value of each point on a large screen.

  1. Automatically collect data from devices, sensors and smart meters, or manually transcribe data
  2. Set the alarm value, the system push reminder
  3. View data trend report on mobile phone and computer anytime and anywhere

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Intelligent inspection

Through the configuration of points, lines and inspection tasks, carry out factory service patrol and security patrol. When the inspection is abnormal, a work order can be created. When the work order is closed, the abnormal status of the inspection automatically changes to exception handled, and the inspection can be checked by scanning code or NFC.

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Location management

Through the classification of fixed workstation and shared workstation, as well as the collection of the occupancy rate of each location, an objective analysis of the management's demand for office location is obtained, and unnecessary infrastructure investment is optimized and reduced, and the use of space is optimized.

  1. You can book the workstation on the web or mobile phone and check the status of the workstation at any time.
  2. Analyze the station occupancy rate, understand the change of environmental parameters, add or reduce the auxiliary analysis of space decision

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Hidden perils

It is commonly used to distribute tasks when hidden dangers are found during on-site inspection, define completion time and overdue upgrade rules, and the task receiver can cooperate with others to complete tasks and submit an application for closing. This module is often used by the environmental safety department to distribute tasks from the top down

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# Competitive advantage #

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  • High product maturity Product maturity is high, focus on the system platform research and development for many years, the current number of top 500 enterprises in the use of the system, the function standard is universal, without customization can be directly used
  • Strong degree of industrial fit Strong degree of industry fit, compared with the same product functions provided by many other companies, through the evaluation of new and old customers, our products are more fit for manufacturing enterprises
  • Free upgrade Optimization Free upgrade and optimization, customers are also our consultants, continuous improvement is inseparable from customer experience, different customer needs and experience will bring upgrade and optimization to the system, purchase our services, upgrade and optimization will be all free.
  • Customer input is light Customers need not have professional IT technology background, do not need to invest in server, database and other infrastructure, because we will package services, you only need to buy the module function and annual maintenance fee you want, IT is very simple.