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eFMS Facility Management

Based on the self-developed WEB dynamic template and workflow engine, the eFMS cloud platform provides enterprises with a one-stop SaaS service of cloud computing platform; the product is deployed on the cloud server, and users can access it through WeChat H5 webpage, APP or computer webpage. Flexible configuration, support for multiple sites and multiple factories on the same platform, or privatized local deployment. MJK has been focusing on the digitization of facilities for many years, adhering to continuous standardization to meet customers' customization and help enterprises' digital transformation and development.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMFunctional module


Digital process and management of various types of visitors (ordinary visitors, cargo visitors, long-term visitors, group visitors,VIP visitors and logistics-docker visitors, etc.

Online Reservations

Visitors can make an appointment in advance on the mobile terminal, and the interviewee can also take the initiative to invite

Electronic approval

The interviewee approves the appointment by mobile phone or computer and specify the appointment location

Information reminder

Information such as invitation/approval/inbound and outbound interaction will be pushed to remind

In and out

A variety of channels to choose from, such as visitor code / visual card / face comparison / card binding

Epidemic pattern

The epidemic mode can be selected. After activation, the visitor needs to fullfill the epidemic information and upload the health code and traveling track

Statistical Analysis

Know the number of external visitors and historical traffic trends in the factory anytime, anywhere, with strong traceability


By setting the point sequence of the inspection route, the inspection behavior of the inspectors can be effectively standardized. Mainly used in equipment inspection, security inspection, engineering inspection, security inspection. It is simple, intelligent, efficient, and has powerful background data aggregation and analysis capabilities, allowing managers to understand the real situation of inspection work in real time.

Inspection route

When multiple routes are selected for the inspection task, the inspection personnel will randomly select routes when they initiate inspection.

Inspection method

Scan QR code, electronic induction NFC

Inspection process

Photo upload, remark description and one-click repair report when abnormal

Missing detection reminder

When the set inspection frequency is not reached, remind the relevant preset personnel, note and supervise


It is mainly used in the preventive maintenance of factory facilities and equipment to prevent equipment performance degradation, and also provides equipment data analysis and traceability and the efficiency of daily implementation.

Maintenance method

Scan code/NFC/manual click

Maintenance process

One-click repair report for remarks/attachments/abnormalities

Round Robin Rule

Cycle by completion time or fixed time, breaks can be created during equipment outages

Report analysis

Completion rate/man-hour analysis/maintenance execution leaderboard, etc.


  • Contractor management in full-process digital environmental safety management
  • Process guide for contractors to apply for construction appointments Safety education process
  • Mobile creation of checklists before, during and after construction
  • Interconnects with visitor management, security training and ticket management


The whole process management of the daily restaurant consumption system: batch recharge, consumer-side supplier maintenance, canteen configuration, contract price recipe maintenance, set menu and a la carte recipes, one-week recipe query, favorite recipe ranking, employee card or consumption code consumption, consumption records query etc.

weekly recipe

The administrator configures canteens, meal lines, menus, etc.;

Employees can view weekly menus on their mobile phones, and administrators can configure canteens, meal lines, menus, etc.

Order consumption

Employees can order meals by themselves, swipe the consumption code or meal card.

Workstation management

This function module analyzes the usage and reservation of various types of workstations by means of software logic operations and hardware sensor data collection, so as to assist in judging the matching degree of workstation demand and supply.

Terminal Diversified Booking

Computer reservation, APP or WeChat reservation, station scan code reservation

Visual display

Large-screen display of parameter visualization

Industrial IoT

Linkage control, real-time monitoring of space operation status, and data collection

Statistical Analysis

Auxiliary analysis of workstation occupancy rate, environmental parameter changes, decision to increase or decrease space

Support Ticket

Work order flow chart

Work order flow

Work order ranking, completion rate


Data collection (from devices, sensors and smart meters) or manual transcription

Set the alarm value, the system pushes the reminder

View data trend reports anytime, anywhere

The real-time data of each point can be configured on the map or the report can be customized

Shuttle Bus

  • Maintain shuttles, routes and ride stops
  • Application and approval for long-term bus pass or temporary bus
  • Optional in-vehicle device ,used for swipe card or swipe code

Take the shuttle

Check the station and the arrival time of the bus on your mobile phone; you will receive a departure reminder when the bus departs; you can scan the code with your mobile phone to get on the bus.

Shuttle real-time location

View the real-time location of the shuttle

report analysis

Bus occupancy rate analysis, occupancy rate analysis

Meeting room management

A tablet can be installed at the door of the conference room to display the current status of the conference room, the meeting list, time, and scheduled personnel of the day, and can also scan the QR code to book and sign in. If no one checks in 15 minutes after the start of the meeting, the meeting room will be automatically released. It can be operated on mobile phones and computer web pages, and it is very convenient to use.

Conference room reservation

Conference rooms can be booked on the computer or mobile phone, or by scanning the QR code. View my meeting calendar. Received meeting can choose to accept or decline

Meeting room management

The administrator can also check the reservation status of the meeting room at any time, and adjust the meeting room

report analysis

Conference room occupancy time statistics, booking situation analysis

Dashboard data visualization

Data visualization

Dashboard data visualization is on a large screen, connects to data sources from multiple functional modules, customizes drag-and-drop reports, sets multiple styles, and implements data alerts.

Multiple data sources

Integrate data from multiple functional modules, perform multi-dimensional statistical analysis, and allow users to freely choose and build

Simple and easy to use

Users can build a large visual screen and complete data linkage configuration by dragging and dropping, which is simple and easy to use.

Data alert

Customize the upper and lower limits of the value. If the range is exceeded, the data will be marked with a red alarm.

Other modules


Documents are divided into permissions and folders, and can be opened and browsed on mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere, shared by QR codes, WeChat, etc., and passwords and open validity periods can also be set.


Open custom form fields, approval flow, and even the person in charge of which step is required to fill in certain fields in the form. Applicable to process flow approval in various scenarios.

Reasonable suggestion

In order to improve the work, employees can put forward constructive suggestions around production, technical management or living welfare issues. After the opinions are adopted, corresponding points can be obtained.

Logistics call number

Set a limit on the number of vehicles in the factory for delivery and delivery, and pre-arrange time windows, so that the vehicles reserved at the terminal can be registered quickly and queued up in an orderly manner.

Staff Training

Assign different types of training requirements to relevant departments or designated groups, watch training materials such as videos/pdfs on mobile phones or computer web pages, select questions from the pre-set question bank after reading, and release training information from time to time. Data analysis of the number of people who attended or did not attend the training.

Contract management

Maintenance contract signing, acceptance, invoice, collection and payment and profit estimation. Statistical unit's revenue and expenditure over the years, customer order trends, and analysis of operating conditions.

Points management

Configure certain tasks or functions, and after employees complete them, they will get corresponding points, which can be exchanged for prizes, encouraging employees to work more actively.

Spare Parts

Spare parts in and out of storage, inventory, application for approval and other operations are often used for gift management and spare parts management in factories and enterprises. The application department includes administration, factory affairs, factory equipment maintenance, etc. Network technology, the whole process of mobile phone or computer operation, paperless process flow.


Manage factory key borrowing and sorting out the master key structure to achieve orderly and safe management of borrowing and returning.


Docking and integrating the existing parking management system into the eFMS platform to realize webpages and APPs: electronically apply for approval of parking permits, visitors reserve parking spaces, search for cars, call for moving cars, check the vacancy status of parking spaces, etc.

Framework contract

In order to improve work efficiency, electronic and transparent chemical plant facility management is implemented, and electronic process management is implemented for sporadic projects that have signed framework contracts from application to settlement.


The project is complicated, and everyone has different understanding of the project process, resulting in deviations in project documentation and project implementation. The goal of this module is to realize standardized process formulation for various types of projects, to make the project error-free standard process, multiple people on the same platform, and mobile office processing.

Access control

It can be connected with the existing access control system platform to realize access control authorization, permission application, integrated statistics of the number of personnel in the factory, and browsing of card reading point layout diagrams.

Compliance management

Manage the situation of various special equipment and receive annual inspection reminders in time. It can also maintain the certificates of relevant personnel and review them in time.

Task management

If a hidden danger is found, it is dispatched to the relevant personnel for execution, and the execution personnel can transfer/reject/execute, and submit it to the dispatcher to close after execution. During the process, the executor can entrust others to complete it together, can remind the order, can not approve the result and return to re-execute, and the upgrade is not completed within the time limit to remind the executor's superior, etc.

Hidden danger troubleshooting

After initiating a hidden danger inspection, when various problems are discovered, they can be assigned to different responsible persons. After the responsible persons have completed the processing, they can submit evidence of completion. The inspection can only be closed after the review is passed.


Different types of items to be brought out can be customized to set the corresponding form and approval flow. The person who brings out the item can go to the doorman with the carry-out code. After scanning the code for quick inspection, taking photos and keeping it on file, you can pass through. When an item needs to be returned after being carried out, It is necessary to return the confirmation personnel for electronic confirmation to ensure that the safety management of factory assets does not leave dead ends.

Penalty Ticket

The departure rules are set, and authorized personnel can create tickets to relevant contractors. Those who receive tickets need to rectify and provide measures within a limited time limit, and those who issue tickets can close them. Companies can use this tool to enhance their management of contractors.

Safety Training

Mainly for factory entry instructions and safety training for foreign personnel, applicable to: visitors, contractors, long-term visitors, loading and unloading visitors, dock visitors, etc. Enter the ID number and name, select the corresponding visitor type, the system will inform you whether training is required, and the results of the training test will determine whether you can enter the factory.

Emergency evacuation

The system triggers or manually releases emergency evacuation, and the system automatically obtains all personnel information in the factory; multiple ways to quickly sign in; the administrator knows in real time the status of those who should be present and those who are actually present.

Fire Security

In the case of factory fire protection and security isolation, when the environment needs to be restored, multiple departments and multiple responsible groups are often involved. This functional module needs to apply for isolation, and also needs to apply for restoration. Clear records are kept and the relevant responsible persons in the process chain are automatically notified. .

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMApplication field



Environmental Security

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMWhy choose us

Fully functional
  • Multiple functional modules are being used in many Fortune 500 companies such as Roche, Bosch and United Electronics
  • The same platform integrates application scenarios of multiple departments, and supermarket-based procurement eliminates the need for customers to purchase multiple application products, which reduces the investment in maintenance, iteration and continuous improvement, and avoids making your application an island
Data Security
  • Data security is a necessary prerequisite for using the system. The product architecture and information flow design have passed the penetration test of Deutsche Telekom, which is in line with the EU GDPR and China's personal privacy protection regulations.
High maturity
  • Rooted in the field of facility digitalization for many years, we have always adhered to continuous standardization to meet customer customization, reduce product iterations, allow customers to use them immediately, and socialize the maturity of this field.

Industry 4.0 - Electronic Production Management

iStock production material intelligent warehousing solution

For the warehousing, warehousing, classified and hierarchical storage, line-side warehouse storage, access and shelf life management of production materials, the web system platform is used to integrate the process management scheme, and it has a visual graphic kanban.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMBefore use

  • ①The lack of management of the workshop and supermarket storage
  • ②The storage and retrieval of material trucks are chaotic
  • ③After the moisture-sensitive components are opened, there are often situations such as overdue use, which are difficult to control.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMAfter use

  • ①Create access rules and first-in-first-out order for storage locations, types, and material vehicles
  • ②Visual management of storage and access in workshop supermarkets
  • ③Early warning of shelf life, temporary warranty period, abnormal use, etc.

RFID Truck Logistics Transportation Kanban Solution

Through RFID wireless radio frequency equipment, the departure time, arrival time and departure time of trucks in the inner warehouse, outer warehouse and different factories are tracked, and an accurate and effective logistics information board is formed.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公�司 eFMS eIPPMBefore use

It is difficult to obtain the logistics information of the internal and external warehouse trucks, and the information of the departure or arrival of the vehicles is not updated in time, which affects the arrangement of receipt and delivery.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMAfter use

The terminal installs RFID radio frequency devices to read the tags on the trucks, accurately know the departure and arrival time of the trucks, and display them on the large screen on site

eQuality Quality Inspection Solutions

For the quality department's inspection plan formulation, index decomposition, sampling and inspection plan and inspection list generation, mobile on-site inspection, a one-stop, intelligent platform solution is formed.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMBefore use

  • ① Manual Excel report
  • ② A large number of paper records are difficult to find and check during auditing
  • ③According to different products, different production lines and different frequencies, manual editing is required
  • ④After printing, the front-line inspector will carry out the product inspection with paper and pen

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMAfter use

  • ①The system imports the template and automatically generates the inspection task list
  • ② The inspector holds a tablet computer and conducts product inspection
  • ③Electronic records are easy to retrieve and trace, making it easier to audit
  • ④Automatically generate statistical reports from inspection data

iSample Sample Lifecycle Management Solution

For sample testing in production, from order, packaging and unpacking, label printing, status and warehouse location circulation tracking, sample testing can be traced and various times can be tracked.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMBefore use

There is no system for the management of samples in the laboratory, labels are printed one by one, the sample position cannot be tracked, and the sample stall time and scrap time cannot be managed.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMAfter use

  • ①Sample procurement, warehousing, warehousing, scrapping, and the flow of samples during testing to each location can be traced
  • ②Scan the sample label code to obtain the current status information of the sample in real time
  • ③The system automatically monitors the sample residence time, scrap time, etc., and sends out email reminders

ESD electrostatic access control intelligent platform

Intelligent ESD access control access control, combined with infrared sensors to monitor personnel violations and cameras to capture violation images in real time, the system regularly issues violation lists to the corresponding supervisors.

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMBefore use

  • ①ESD only has access control related hardware that measures resistance value, and cannot be traced back to a specific person
  • ②Illegal overruns, etc. cannot be controlled and tracked
  • ③ Difficulty responding to audits or customer inspections

MJK 苏州曼捷科智能科技有限公司 eFMS eIPPMAfter use

  • ①Get through the process of swiping employee cards and measuring ESD, and the historical records can be traced back to people
  • ②Electrostatic shoes are approaching failure, etc., send a reminder in advance
  • ③Through infrared sensors, camera captures, etc., capture all illegal overruns and other actions, and issue warnings

eIPPM Infrastructure Project Process Management System

Based on the self-developed WEB dynamic template and workflow engine, the eIPPM system platform provides a one-stop SaaS service of cloud computing platform for owners or engineering management companies to manage infrastructure projects. The product is deployed on the cloud server, and users can access it through the APP or the computer web terminal. It is mainly used for the visual management of infrastructure projects for enterprise owners and engineering management companies.

Project overview

Project progress, site map, safe working hours, water and electricity consumption, carbon emissions, to-do list, barometer, etc.


Display the recent weather conditions, count the days of various weather in the current year, so as to understand the effective days of the project construction

Live pictures

Create an area, take photos and upload pictures, scan codes to view


Documents are divided into permissions and folders, and can be opened and browsed on mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere, shared by QR codes, WeChat, etc., and passwords and open validity periods can also be set.


Customize different types of workflows, apply, approve, and generate workflow document library

Task Management

Distribute tasks, urge orders, execute, and assign tasks. After the execution is completed, you can close or reject the task and re-distribute the task.


Display the recent weather conditions, count the days of various weather in the current year, so as to understand the effective days of the project construction

Live pictures

When there is a project renovation or a new project, when you want to take a look at each main location of the factory anytime, anywhere, combine the photos of the panoramic camera and combine the panorama of each point, you can check the historical changes of the panorama of the point on your mobile phone.


Create multiple areas in the background and generate area QR codes. Multiple on-site pictures can be uploaded on both the computer and mobile terminal

Check it out anytime

You can view the area site map at any time to understand the progress of the project


Documents can be controlled by permissions and tags. Mobile phones can be opened and browsed anytime, anywhere, and shared via QR codes and WeChat. You can also set a password and open the validity period.

Flexible permissions

Files can be configured with different permissions: full control, editable, viewable


Upload, download, share, star, sensitive content, etc., can upload and preview CAD format files, and comment @relevant person in charge


  • Different types of workflow templates can be customized and configured to meet the processing of various scenarios;
  • During the approval process, the approver can replace the latest workflow document, and the final document is generated after the approval;
  • All approval flow documents will be archived together for easy download and viewing;
  • Both mobile phone and web terminal can initiate and approve workflow;

Custom field

Workflow Application


Workflow Approval


The original intention of the design of this module is to take pictures of various hidden dangers and defects found on the spot, and distribute them to the relevant executors, record the whole process of the task during the process of reverse process, and trace the status of the task.

task flow

If hidden dangers are found to dispatch tasks, the executor can assign/reject/execute the task, and submit it to the dispatcher for closing after execution. During the process, the dispatcher can urge the order, and can return to re-execution without accepting the result. Overdue unfinished escalation reminds the executive's superior, etc.

report analysis

Task overdue situation and progress analysis, statistical executor rankings

Classic Case

  • The Bosch Group is the world's leading technology and service provider and the world's largest supplier of auto parts.
  • The platform is used in 15 factories in China and 10 factories in Asia outside China, with more than 40,000 system users.
  • User groups include employees, contractors
  • Application modules such as: visitor, contractor construction, work order, shuttle bus, equipment maintenance, safety training, parking management, meal management, etc.

  • Founded in 1896, Roche is one of the world's leading research-based, innovation-driven health companies in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic fields.
  • The platform is used in two factories of Roche Diagnostics in Suzhou and Roche Pharmaceuticals in Shanghai.
  • Application modules such as: visitor, contractor construction, safety training, item carry-out and other functional modules

  • Grundfos is one of the leaders in the global pump industry with an annual production capacity of nearly 16 million units per year. Circulating pumps for heating and air conditioning, centrifugal pumps and metering pumps for industry, water supply and sewage treatment are its main products.
  • The platform is used in Suzhou Grundfos pump factory.
  • Application modules such as: visitor, contractor construction, safety training, parking management, access control management and other functional modules

United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.(UAES)

  • Founded in 1995, the company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of gasoline engine management systems, transmission control systems, body electronics, hybrid and electric drive control systems.
  • The platform is used in 8 factories in China
  • Application modules such as: contractor construction, equipment maintenance, work order repair, smart inspection, etc.


Suzhou MJK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. a high-tech enterprise, private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, member units of the Digital Association and Double-Soft Enterprise. The company is located by the beautiful Dushu Lake in Suzhou SIP, adjacent to Microsoft China.

MJK committed to the R&D, consulting and application of Industrial IOT, Enterprise Information Management Software and Internet Platform. The company's customers are widely distributed, The application areas of the two main products eFMS and eCMS cover famous enterprises such as Auto Parts, Biopharmaceutical, Chemical, Architecture Design Institute, Engineering Process Management, Electronic Semiconductor and etc.

Corporate vision

Strictly abide by standards, fulfill contracts, high-quality projects, reputation first, safety is the life of an enterprise, quality is the source of benefits, success depends on friends, growth depends on rivals, success depends on team, the future of the enterprise is our tomorrow, every day, we are Committed to creating a better future.



  • Responsibility is the foundation of what we do,
  • Both for our clients and ourselves,
  • And everything around us, we should all be responsible.


  • Heaven and earth give birth to human beings, and one person should be the karma of one person.
  • Life is alive, one day you should do your best.
  • Everything is down-to-earth, not in the air, not in the empty voice.


  • An excellent team
  • It is made up of one heart and countless ideas.
  • One wish, one brotherhood;
  • Coordinate with each other for win-win cooperation.


  • Innovation is the soul
  • Innovation sets us apart
  • We are constantly creating new solutions
  • to meet the needs of the consumer market
  • We meet every challenge
  • and never be afraid
  • Innovation is our constant ideal



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